About how working principle of oil circuit
Aug 06, 2018

The motor drives the oil pump, pulls the hydraulic oil out of the tank, and transmits it to the oil pressure pipeline through the CHECK VALVE BODY.At this time, the oil road is divided into three routes, one is connected with the accumulator and the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge shows the oil pressure, the accumulator can play the role of stabilizing the oil pressure, the second is connected with the 24 VDC HYDRAULIC VALVE CONTROL, and the other is connected with the overflow valve.When the water jet button is not pressed, the hydraulic oil sent from the oil pump will flow directly back to the oil tank through the VALVE BODY, water-cooled cooler and oil return filter. Then a small amount of hydraulic oil will enter the oil chamber of the supercharger through the  24 VDC HYDRAULIC VALVE CONTROL, which is not enough to push the oil PISTON to change direction or change direction slowly.When the water jet button is pressed, the VALVE BODY closes, and the hydraulic oil enters the oil chamber of theINTENSIFIER through the 24 VDC HYDRAULIC VALVE CONTROL, pushing the oil PISTON  to move. Meanwhile, the hydraulic oil on the other side of the oil PISTON is pushed out of theOIL CYLINDER, and flows back to the tank through the water-cooled cooler and oil return MICREN FILTER.When the OIL PISTON is pushed to the end of the CYLINDER, it collides with the reversing stem, which triggers the reversing valve to generate the reversing signal, so that the hydraulic oil road enters from the other end of the cylinder and the oil piston returns.The oil piston returns to the end of the oil cylinder and triggers the reversing top rod.In this way, continuously trigger the commutator to conduct the oil circuit commutation, thus forming the reciprocating movement of the INTENSIFIER.

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