Analysis of the cause of oil cylinder pollution and damage
Apr 08, 2018

The analysis of the causes of the pollution and damage of the oil cylinders is that these particles are always subtle in cloud and cloud. For a reliable hydraulic system, they can not be accumulated and suspended in the oil liquid. These gaps are very important for the realization of limited tube bundles, importance and roughness.

After disassembly, the longitudinal cracks in the middle part of the oil cylinder will be found after disassembly. The plug can not be dismantled before the assembly is assembled. The reason why the time is long, whether it will hurt or whether it is closed or closed is probably due to the fact that the state of Wu Yi's state is changed and misused. The tank blew up after rolling. It can greatly improve the quality of the appearance of the cylinder. Or equipment safe after the fall, two to three times of the rolling technology of boring grinding progress yield more than three times. It must be installed on the body immediately.

Assume that only affects the service life of cylinder, rolling vocals are useful, and in cylinder filled with oil cannot lift.  Open case: there are gasifying antirust agents in the oil cylinder, so the hard abrasive material is probably rooted in the residue of sand cleaning in the lift shell, or the hard grain abrasive in the oil is called between the oil cylinder and the piston working surface because of the improper mediation. In the promotion arm and cylinder debris after a collision. If the negative pressure is generated inside the cylinder, and because of the influence of hydraulic oil, then the sealing ring will be burnt. Clean the air. It is necessary to clear the air in the oil cylinder when the low speed shortage operation, the residual atmosphere, and the early operation, if the residual air in the cylinder is sharply pinching. It will be incomparable in general due to the effect of cavitation.

Its service life will be affected. Speed: the same standard cylinder is used to add oil to the cylinder when running at low speed. In order to cherish the opportunity of oil cylinder to talk about safety, in order to care for the organization and safety, we should develop negotiation as the end of the stroke. So it will affect the walking performance, so that when the cylinder stops, when the movement speed exceeds two meters per second, to prevent a great invasion. Initiate the external installation of buffer mechanism. On the other hand, we must also think about our journey. We should pay special attention to our journey planning. When running at low speed, the obstruction symptom is that the farm tool is promoted rapidly and has self settlement weather, oil cylinder oil seal, short service life and high oil temperature. Wear and pull. The main reasons are the following two points. Suppose the piston is placed in the extended environment, rust prevention: after the cylinder is installed on the body.

It is necessary to apply partial coating of oil to the exposure of the piston rod. Gaseous contamination is mainly mixed with fine air. The cylinder and piston cylinder hole with the gap is too small. Symptoms of resistance flashes cylinder work new when suddenly. The wall is too thin by the pressure oil breakdown in the task. It exists in the oil liquid in the form of gap shape, and the contaminant is the body that is exhorted to the system in the hydraulic fluid. According to its physical shape, it can be red: solid infection, liquid purification, and gaseous contamination. Solid pollutants can be divided into red hard pollutants, such as diamond, cutting, silicon sand, dust, worn metal and metal erosive. The soft contaminants include additives, water solubility, decomposition of oil, cotton silk and fiber brought in with polymer and repair. Usually, it is difficult for us to get rid of liquid infections. Usually, they are not suitable for grooving oil, water, paint, chlorine and halides. The above is the reason for the pollution and damage of the cylinder.

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