Application of waterjet in cutting glass
Jul 02, 2018

Today,Glass is becoming more and more widely in the social from all walks of life, the application of all walks of life, with the widely application of the glass, glass industry also obtained the development, so the glass industry is also put forward the demand of more diversified.At the same time, the addition of water jet technology also provides a fast and convenient solution for the diversity of glass products.

1.A waterjet cut on glass can handle any geometry you want.A waterjet easily, either in shape or in a hole.Its main features are: diverse, accurate, beautiful, no broach incision, rough incision;

2.It is safe and environmentally friendly.No heat is generated when cutting and no arc marks are produced when cutting the joint.

3.Cutting any curve and drilling can be done, and the workpiece is flexible and convenient, no mould is required.

4.Only 1 ㎜ incision width, appearance is bright and clean, smooth, no advantage, can be a large area of cutting, cutting thickness 100 ㎜ glass

5. it can be applied to glass cutting of home appliances (gas furnace top, lampblack machine, disinfection cabinet, TV set, etc.);It can also be used in lamps and lanterns.Process glass;Sanitary products (shower room, etc.);Building glass;Furniture glass;Automobile glass;Glass and other industries.

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