How does a waterjet cut holes in glass
Jan 25, 2019

Waterjet cutting glass belongs to cold cutting, waterjet can cut arc, acute Angle, can cut any complex pattern on the plane, and CNC complete, high efficiency, good quality, generally used in the process of glass processing.And cutting without opening, can also punch holes.This part is ideal.When cutting glass with a waterjet, the normal pressure of the waterjet is 260-280mpa.If there is too much pressure, the glass will break and the edges will break.The choice of cutting speed shall be determined according to the cutting surface.In the process of glass cutting, the entrance edge should not be the edge of the glass, as far as possible from the outside of the glass feed.After smooth cutting of the glass parts, if there is no manual grinding of the edges before casting.

The size of the glass is not large when holes or other shapes are cut with waterjet machine.However, we can only cut one piece of glass at a time.This problem can be solve like this: if the glass is not big, can be in CAD drawings in your location on the surface of the work, do 2 to 4, your machine is 4000 x2000, only need 1500 x1000 space of your product, then you can do a four processing drawings, at the same time the 4 piece of glass (glass cutting Angle is unified, the size can be), and stop the glass counterpoint (closed digital registration), so that machine behind glass when you can up and down, but there are safe operation, had better be in the emergency stop switch on the table.

When cutting with a waterjet, the following conditions may occur: the edge of the original sheet may appear fracture

Solution :

  1. Accurately obtain the exact size of the product read by the device.

  2. Lower the Angle of the cutter head.

  3. broken pieces, first broken pieces, and then use waterjet cut it into small pieces, gradually broken pieces, do not try to put the whole pieces down, it does not make much sense.

  4. When bending, the force should be downward and outward (relative to the knife mark).

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