How to avoid the damage of the water jet nozzle
Apr 08, 2018

In the water knife industry, the sand mixing pipe is like a consumable, it is used once to damage one, how long it will become weak, the flow column is scattered, and so on. The changing of the sand pipe for a long time is still the same, which causes the increase of the cutting cost and brings the extra burden to the enterprise.

In fact, the life of sand pipe is mainly related to the pressure of the equipment and the hardness of the sand pipe. The greater the pressure, the faster the wear.

With the increase of pressure, the life of sand tube has decreased rapidly, especially the domestic sand tube, which can hardly support for too long under pressure, but it can be kept for 300 hours at low pressure. Under high pressure, the time of imported sand pipe is 4-8 times that of domestic. Therefore, the most effective way to avoid sand pipe damage is to choose different sand pipes according to different pressure, and the domestic also can be competent under low pressure. And the imported sand pipe under high pressure can better protect the sand pipe, so as to ensure more stable working time and reduce the number of sand pipe damage. It saves the cost of cutting.

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