In addition to increasing the intensity of the cutting, the water jet nozzle also saves the cost
Apr 08, 2018

Sand tube, also known as mixed sand tube, is mainly used to cut the pomegranate sand through the sand tube through the water flow column to form an impact, which can greatly increase the cutting efficiency. Many customers, including our customers, think that if you don't cut the metal, you don't need to use pomegranate sand, so you don't have to use sand tubes. You can save the cost of sand tubes.

In fact, the use of pure water pipe cutting is also cost savings.

The high-pressure water is sprayed through the gem nozzle, and the accuracy is not so high as compared with the case of not passing through the sand tube. The result is that the material has a certain probability of rejection, especially if the nozzle flow is not concentrated or the product requirements are particularly strict. The situation is particularly obvious, cutting materials usually two or three blocks can be arrived at the price of an imported sand tube, and reducing the scrap rate is intangible equal to cutting the cost of cutting.

Or some customers think that the sand tube has a cutting life, and it is unwise to cut the non-metallic material to consume the sand tube at a certain time. In fact, the life of the sand tube generally refers to the situation of adding sand, and the service life of the sand tube not added is much higher than Sand pipe for sand cutting operations is not unacceptable due to apportionment.

The sand tube plays an important role in increasing the accuracy of pure water cutting, reducing the material scrap records, thus saving costs. If you have not yet added, you can try again to compare the effects and make a new breakthrough for product quality.

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