Knowledge of nozzle
Jul 05, 2018

Classification of cutting head of waterjet fittings: it is generally divided into pure water cutting head and mixed cutting head, commonly known as nozzle.

Pecification of nozzle of watrjet fittings: the inner hole is generally 0.3~1.2mm, and the outer diameter is generally 6mm-12mm.

Nozzle material of waterjet fittings: it is generally made of composite tungsten carbide materials, but there are also high quality nano-carbide materials in the market.

 Nozzle life: the product quality itself is the key to the nozzle service life of the material, at the same time, waterjet device the size of the pressure, the quality of the used sand, how fast cutting speed, orifice, also directly affect the quality of life of the nozzle.The service life of nozzle is generally 120-200 hours.

Nozzle of room for improvement: nozzle is also called the abrasive nozzle, is high pressure abrasive water jet injection channel, due to its internal jet conditions are harsh, abrasive wear was accelerated after the sand inside the tube is very large, so need to use very wear-resisting material for manufacturing.nozzle is the key to form abrasive jet.The structure of the sand pipe is very simple and consists basically of two sections, namely the conical population and the columnar outlet, with slightly different sizes for different use.

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