Stone waterjet parquet craft
Jan 25, 2019

Before we talk about the process, let's talk about the material selection before processing. Material selection is particularly important for the presentation of the final effect. Designers and customers should pay attention to these three points when selecting materials:

1. Color:

Whole go all out in beautiful design, the layout color of same stone material must agree, but big to certain chromatic aberration change (marble of xi mi, jin xiangyu, shan lake is red), its are putting bigger chromatic aberration on same a piece of board, should distinguish when choosing makings had planned.

The basic principles of material selection are: one is the principle of gradual color transition, and the other is the principle of not affecting the aesthetic decorative effect of parquet.

2. Texture:

Stone parquet processing, the surface texture change is also very important.Especially for high quality, high requirements, high artistic high-grade products, the best texture change and design to be combined, so as to better show the effect of the design.

For round parquet, the pattern can be around the circumference or around the radius, but you need to make sure that the pattern is consistent both around the circumference and around the radius.

For square parquet, the general pattern seems to extend along the length direction, or radiation along the width direction, or change along the length and width direction at the same time.

3. Defects:

Be like lubricious line, spot, crackle, hole, arenaceous eye, mildew spot, go up from the quality of parquet character, these stone material blemish are absolutely not allow.

But because stone material is natural generation, more or less exist certain blemish, because this we are choosing makings, when using makings, need comprehensive consideration problem, can avoid avoid as far as possible avoid, cannot avoid inspect specific circumstance and decide, and ought to repair these exterior blemish as far as possible.

However, the scope of defects allowed cannot affect the overall decorative effect of parquet.

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