The ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine fitting has what kind?
Aug 27, 2018

The accessories of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine are indispensable parts in water jet cutting. Water jet cutting machine is mainly used in agriculture, industry, etc. Its main function is to cut objects, especially flat objects. The cutting effect is particularly good and clean, and it will not affect the beauty of the surface of the object cutting.There are many kinds of accessories for ultra-high pressure water knife cutting, and each kind of different accessories plays a very important role in the water knife cutting machine.So the ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine fitting has what kind?


A high-pressure intensifier:

in water jet cutter, high-pressure supercharger is the foundation of a had to use parts, in the process of water jet cutting, the need to produce great pressure, so can make the water in the water hose jet through the nozzle inspire large pressure, a moment can have the effect of cutting object, so the supercharger is to ensure that water jet cutting a necessary condition for the procedure


Water jet accessories repair kit:

Water jet in the use process, the inevitable will happen some faults, there is water knife accessories maintenance package can very good play the role of maintenance, if there is no maintenance packages, so it is hard to repair machinery and equipment problems, for example, special screws, or no specific device maintenance tools can't screw down, must want to use a specific service package.The repair kit of water knife fittings is a very important part of the ultra high pressure Water jet cutting fittings

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