waterjet parts of nozzle
Jul 26, 2018

With the change of The Times and the progress of technology, waterjet has entered our daily production, waterjet nozzle cutting has been widely used in ceramic, stone, glass and other industries.But many people still don't know the waterjet, let alone the parts one of the mixing tubes.


What is the specification of waterjet nozzle?

waterjet mixing pipe standard term is mixed tube, commonly used specifications are two kinds of outer diameter of 6.35 mm and 7.14 mm, 6.35 mm is a typical representative DARDI mixing tube, and representatives of the 7.14 mm yes brand water such specifications of water and sediment flow mixing, accumulation and dispersion has a certain influence, is one of the more common specifications, 0.76、1.02 depends on the accuracy requirement of the cutting.


How should the waterjet mixing tube be installed?

To ensure the normal use of waterjet fittings of mixing tube.First of all, we need to ensure that the working level of the gem nozzle holder and the mixing tube clamp sleeve is free of dust and high cleanliness.Next, the water column is tested in a straight line.This test is aimed at orifice, and then install sand mixing tube.Then the low pressure sand free test was carried out.The final requirement of the test is that the water column must be straight and not dispersed to ensure that the mixing pipe and nozzle are absolutely concentric before the normal cutting off of gaza and pressure.Finally, the rotation Angle of the sand mixing tube is guaranteed to be 120 degrees.When you use the sand mixing tube for 10-20 hours, you should rotate the mixing tube by 120 degrees, which can greatly guarantee the service life of the mixing tube.

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