Waterjet skills
Aug 09, 2018

1. After using the  nozzle for a period of time, it can greatly improve the life of the nozzle by rotating it to continue using at an Angle.

2. Users can back up the parameters in the CNC system to restore them when needed.

3. After the failure occurs, if the user cannot determine the fault cause, please observe the fault phenomenon in detail (including the value of oil pressure gauge and water pressure gauge, the frequency of reversing, and the key to trigger the fault, etc.) and report it to the maintenance staff, and analyze and determine the fault cause under the guidance of the maintenance staff and remove it.

4. Do you know how to quickly determine which end has a poor sealing of the high and low pressure one-way valve?In fact, we can use both hands to touch the high and low pressure parts at both ends. The sealing effect of the high temperature end is not good.

5. In order to prevent water leakage during steel pipe connection, make sure that the thread of steel pipe head is higher than three teeth of screw pad.

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