What are the internal parts of the turbocharger?
Apr 08, 2018

Turbocharger is to enhance the power, mainly to improve the density of air. Power is the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. Exhaust gas from the turbine inlet through the nozzle ring to increase the flow and reduce the temperature, blowing the turbine blades, driving the turbine rotating, at this time the coaxial compressor suction air, air through the volute, diffuser into the cooling device to cool the cooling device and then carry out the internal combustion engine cylinder. In general, there are the following parts: rotor (turbine blade, wheel, spindle, compressor impeller, guide wheel), vortex end parts (nozzle ring, vortex end bearing seat, radial bearing or floating bearing, vortex end gas seal), press end accessories (bearing seat, radial bearing or floating bearing, thrust bearing, main thrust bearing, or auxiliary push) Force bearing and thrust pad, diffuser, pressure end gas seal ring) fittings.

In general, the internal structure of the turbocharger is very different. The rotor structure has an integral structure, and it has a separate body; the bearings are external and built-in; the intake and exhaust has radial and axial directions.

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