What are the steps of water jet supercharger maintenance
Apr 08, 2018

Before opening the machine:

1, check the cooling water and the water supply pipe for water leakage, so as to ensure its smooth water supply.

2, check the high pressure water cylinder and cylinder head circumference should have no cracks.

3, lift the front and rear cover of the turbocharger and check whether the magnetic switch circuit of the booster cylinder is damaged or not, and confirm that there is no oil leakage phenomenon in the magnetic switch seat, the oil cylinder and the square block.

4, check whether the oil level of the tank is in line with the requirements, and whether the oil and gas inlet and outlet are damaged. If we find significant oil pollution, we should check whether the machine has oil leakage.

After the opening:

1, when listening to the oil pump operation, there is no noise.

2, remember, start the booster pump motor first, then turn on the turbocharger after 3 seconds, otherwise, you will have an accident.

3, if there is no exception in the above view, the machine is in a stable state and can be used normally.

4, there is no abnormal abnormal sound in the process of hearing supercharging, to investigate whether there is significant oscillation in the booster.

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