WHP Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Nozzles
Jun 25, 2018

For stainless steel, metal, copper, titanium and similar hard materials that cannot be machined with water only, WHP Waterjet abrasive cutting nozzles provide the most advanced alignment technology for precision cutting with minimal kerf while holding tolerances up to +/-.003"/.076 mm.

Choose from diamond orifices or sapphire orifices to cut with the WHP  Autoline or WHP  IDE abrasive cutting head series. Also available are water-only cutting valves: Normally Open and Normally Closed (NO/NC Valves).

The high velocity waterjet creates a vacuum which pulls the abrasive into a mixing chamber, producing a coherent, extremely energetic abrasive jet stream. This process is ideal for cutting steel up to 12"/30 cm, cutting intricate patterns in sheet metals, titanium, composites, decorative stone, synthetic ceramics, glass, and much more!

In a controlled blind test conducted by the University of Missouri-Science & Technology, the WHP  waterjet nozzle ranked first overall, outperforming nine other waterjet manufacturers. 

The self-aligning components of the   nozzle provide true, perfect alignment to extend the life of focusing tubes and mixing chambers. Everyone claims alignment, however, only the precision finish of the orifices in the enable true precision alignment. Focusing tubes last longer & wear evenly in an aligned cutting head.

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