Why is the price gap between the jewel nozzles huge
Apr 08, 2018

The water knife jewel nozzle has a greenstone nozzles, ruby nozzles, sapphire nozzles and diamond nozzles. The difference in price is huge, mainly due to the difference in the jewels embedded in the nozzle.

The hardness of different gemstones is different, such as the diamond's hardness is the highest, so it can bear the greater impact and stability, the hardness of the other jewel nozzles is low, only the simpler cutting task can be completed, even if the diamond nozzle is not always durable, which also causes the high price of the diamond nozzle. A.

The cost is different. The diamond is the natural material with the highest hardness. The diamond nozzle uses the diamond material, the hardness is high, and the cost is high, while the other precious stones are synthetic, although it is hard, but there is still a little gap compared with the diamond.

The difference between domestic and import quality. There are more than ten domestic spray nozzles, and hundreds of imported ones. Foreign technology and technology make the imported jewel nozzle hardness much higher.

A penny a point, the price of the jewel nozzle from more than ten to a good many of the quality is really big gap, to understand the good and bad choice of their own industry to choose the nozzle is the most effective means for enterprises to save cost.

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