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WaterJet Parts Low Pressure Cylinder

WaterJet Parts Low Pressure Cylinder

Hp Water Jet Parts Waterjet Intensifier Pump Low Pressure Cylinder For Cnc Waterjet Cutter Pressure Intensifier
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Product Description

Waterjet Intensifier Pump Low Pressure CylinderWHP 60K intensifier low pressure cylinder

Product name: low pressure oil cylinder

Product no. : # c-1000-1

Application:Water jet cutting intensifier parts


The hydraulic cylinder is the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder is the linear motion actuator which the output force and the piston effective area and the pressure difference on both sides are proportional.Its function is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The input of hydraulic cylinder is fluid flow and pressure, and the output is linear motion speed and force.The piston of hydraulic cylinder can complete the straight summer movement, the straight displacement output is limited.Hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into reciprocating linear motion.The hydraulic cylinder is basically composed of cylinder barrel and cylinder cover, piston and piston rod, sealing device, buffer device and exhaust device.Buffer device and exhaust device depend on the specific application, other devices are essential.

The low pressure oil cylinder is mainly used to support heavy objects for a long time. It can support heavy objects when the oil pressure is removed, and it is safe and reliable.It can be used under water, single action, load retraction, nut self-lock to make load safer, especially in large engineering, it is easy to operate control and self-lock type thousand jin term. It is designed with safety pressure maintaining device and built-in pressure relief valve to prevent overload, so as to protect self-lock type thousand jin term for safe operation.Connection of the device.High pressure hose and threaded joint are used for connection, which is quick to use and can overcome the defect of oil leakage of traditional quick joint. It is mainly used for installation and disassembly of equipment in power, construction, mechanical manufacturing, mining, railway bridge, shipbuilding and other industries.

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