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Water Jet High Pressure Cylinder

Water Jet High Pressure Cylinder

Water jet intensifier pump High Pressure Cylinder for flow Waterjet cutting machine parts
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Product Description

Product name: high-pressure cylinder

Number: 12342

Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel

Volatge: 220V/380V

Product category:

According to the direction of oil supply, it can be divided into single acting cylinder and double acting cylinder, but the acting cylinder only injects the high pressure oil to the side of the cylinder and makes the piston reverse return by other external forces.Double acting cylinder then respectively to the cylinder on both sides of the pressure oil.The forward and reverse motion of the piston is accomplished by hydraulic pressure.

Product performance features:

First: the high pressure cylinder has very superior sealing performance, which can guarantee the safety of the high pressure cylinder during the working period and create a high security situation for operators.

Second: reliable corrosion resistance and strong performance;

Third: easy to use, easy to maintain;

Fourth: the high pressure cylinder design is exquisite, the structure is compact

Fifth: energy-saving and environment-friendly machinery and equipment with low energy consumption

Product principle:

High pressure cylinder pressure finishing is to make use of the cold plasticity characteristic of metal at room temperature, apply certain pressure on the workpiece surface, make the workpiece surface metal produce plastic flow, fill in the low concave trough of original residual, and achieve the reduction of workpiece surface roughness.

During the work, the surface tissue is cold hardened and the grain becomes fine, forming a dense fibrous shape and forming a residual stress layer. The hardness and strength are improved, thus improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and coordination of the workpiece surface.

Quality Assurance

1. Strict control on choose of the raw material sources.

2. Speciific technology guide for the production of each product.

3. Completed quality testing system for the semi-finished products and finised products.

4.Strict storage conditions to ensure product quality.

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