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DARDI G10 Intensifier parts

Product name: WHP G10 Intensifier parts Size: DARDI Standard Brand: WHP Qrigin: CHINA Cutting material:stainless steel cutting, tone cutting, HP cleaning, glass cutting, Type:Water Jet Parts Control system:CNC Controller
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Product name: DARDI G10 Intensifier Parts

Application:glass, plsdtic, paper, ceramic, stone and other fields

Size:Standard or Customized

Brand Name:WHP

Shanghai Miaoke Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of waterjet accessories and a manufacturer of waterjet accessories. The company was established in 2007 and specializes in providing the most advantageous accessories and services for the waterjet industry. Main waterjet cutting machine accessories, high pressure waterjet fittings, WHP sandblasting pipe, waterjet sandblasting pipe, ruby high pressure nozzle nozzle, ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machine fittings, waterjet sanding pipe and other products, waterjet quality is stable, Affordable and considerate service is our aim. The company has become China's leading supplier of water jet equipment parts.

Miaoke Machinery China Power Waterjet Fittings Division has sales outlets throughout the country. Its products are widely used in various industries at home and abroad: stainless steel, stone, aluminum, glass, ceramic tile, leather, paper and so on. The company has a strong technical force and many engineers and technicians with rich professional technology and practical application experience to provide customized services and industry solutions.

Water jet technology is not only a high-tech today, but also a safety science technology with broad application prospects in the 21st century.

Gem nozzle spray film manufacturer Shanghai Miaoke Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., professional technology, preferential price, durable quality, win-win attitude welcome to inquire!




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