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Whp Waterjet Check Valve Repair Kit

Whp Waterjet Check Valve Repair Kit

whp waterjet cutting head spare parts Check Valve Repair Kit for CNC Waterjet cutting machine parts
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Product Introduction

Product name: check valve repair kit 

Number: #11282

Place of orgin:China

Application:waterjet intensifier

    Check valve repair kit is also known as check valve, single flow valve, one-way valve or reverse check valve, its role is to ensure that the pipeline medium directional flow and not reverse flow function.Pump suction pipe of the bottom valve is also a check valve class.Check valve belongs to automatic valve I] forged steel has A105,F304(L),F316L and other petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, power industry and other various working conditions on the pipeline road, applicable medium is water, oil, steam, acidic medium.It is a valve that controls the one-way flow of medium in the pipeline. It is used to prevent reverse flow of medium in the pipeline.Shanghai miaoke precision machinery co., LTD offers the following contents:

    The valve to prevent backflow of the medium [] is called the check valve o check valve, which belongs to automatic valve type. It is mainly used for one-way flow of medium in pipelines. Only the medium is allowed to flow in one direction to prevent the disc of the swing check valve from rotating around the shaft.Its fluid resistance is generally smaller than that of the lifting check valve, which is suitable for larger caliber occasions.According to the number of disc, swing check valves can be divided into three types: single disc swing, double disc swing and multiple disc swing.Single swing check valve - generally suitable for medium sized applications.

    Single-disc swing check valve is used in large diameter pipeline. In order to reduce water hammer pressure, slow closing check valve which can reduce water hammer pressure is preferred.Double disc swing check valve is suitable for medium and large diameter pipeline.Double disc swing check valve with small structure and light weight is a fast development of multiple disc swing check valve for large diameter pipeline.

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    Its products are widely used in various industries athome. and abroad, such as stainless steel cutting, stone cutting. HP cleaning, glass cutting, ceramic cutting, leathercutting, pure water cutting and other industries.

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