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Acceleration Principle Of Water Jet
Aug 09, 2018

The so-called "waterjet" is to use the high-pressure pump to pressurize the sealed water (seal requirements are also very strict here), through the advanced hard alloy, sapphire, diamond and other made of the nozzle of very fine nozzle ejection, cutting material.

To do this, there is a high demand for water, pipes, and nozzles.Such as pipeline, waterjet is a tool with high pressure water pressure after the shooting, must have a high pressure to cut hard cutting material, so the pipe must be able to bear high pressure, the pressure is much greater than 700 million mpa, because of the thin plate (by cutting material) is able to withstand the pressure of 700000000 mpa (so the mixing tube, ruby nozzle, high pressure pipe requires a high degree of quality).

Secondly, it is wrong to use water with knife without any impurities.Because the water pressure is much greater than 700 mpa, pure water will wear out and leak out of pipes and other sealing equipment, no matter how well sealed.To solve this problem, 5% of the soluble emulsion oil is added to waterjet to improve the sealing effect.For high pressure pumps, some oil must be added to improve their sealing performance.

As mentioned above, the nozzle of waterjet is made of materials such as hard alloy and sapphire. The diameter of the nozzle is only 0.05mm, and the inner wall of the hole is smooth and flat, which can withstand the pressure of 1700 mpa. Therefore, the high-pressure water from the nozzle can cut the material like a knife.Some water also adds long-chain polymers, such as polyethylene oxides, to increase the "viscosity" of the water, making it resemble a "thin line".

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