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Advantages Of Gaza Water Jet Technology For Road Marking Cleaning.
Dec 19, 2018

Advantages of gaza water jet technology for road marking cleaning.

First, because the water jet cleaning effect is better.Because the water jet has a strong impact force and cutting force, it can directly enter the asphalt pores and remove the marking coating.The clean road surface not only does not have any mark paint, but also does not have any damage, the entire road surface will become very clean.In fact, water jet cleaning is a wet sandblasting technology, we know that in the use of sandblasting machine dry sandblasting, garnet sandblasting abrasive due to high hardness, wear resistance, sharp Angle, can be used more quickly and effectively.Adding garnet sand blasting abrasive to the water jet can not only reduce the water pressure, but also greatly increase the friction, and the effect will be better.

Secondly, green building is convenient.High pressure water jet cleaning technology, coupled with garnet sandblasting abrasive, not only in the construction of any time, not affected by the time, and now with the development of technology, there are very good equipment can be convenient to move.Green environmental protection changes at any time to achieve a variety of cleaning purposes.

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