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Current Situation Of Waterjet Industry
Aug 01, 2018

At present, the numerical control platform of waterjet mostly adopts the precise transmission technology of ball screw and rolling linear guide rail, and the control precision is within positive or negative 0.02m.At the same time, the focusing performance of the nozzle and the cutting head and the cutting head parts the orifice material of the nozzle with long life are the strong guarantee for the continuous and stable work of the waterjet.

With powerful computer-aided design and control function, water knife has greatly changed and improved its cutting quality and efficiency, and can be directly used in the forming and cutting of metal parts.These are not possible with other cutting techniques and equipment in the past.

For various processing industries, we hope to achieve high quality and efficient forming processing, so the demand for water knife is also increasing.

Due to the improvement of water knife technology and the improvement of efficiency, especially the function of cutting and precision machining can be integrated, the cost of using water knife has been significantly reduced, so that water knife has attracted much attention in various applications.

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