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Description Of High Pressure Water Jet Nozzle Processing Work Piece
Apr 08, 2018

High pressure sandblasting pipe is not only used in building roadway construction, but also used to deal with sand blasting in automotive parts. What are the requirements and characteristics of high pressure sandblasting pipes for processing workpieces?

High pressure sandblasting pipe in air compressor, mainly according to the quantity of sand blasting, the general pressure is not less than 0.5 ^-0. 7 MPa. with a nozzle, the air volume is not less than 3m'/min, the volume of the sandblasting tank is 3M, or so; with the use of multiple nozzles, the exhaust! No less than 6^-10m, and the volume of the sandblasting tank is 6m'o sandblasting tank. The sandblasting tank can be divided into single chamber sandblasting tank and double chamber sandblasting tank according to the structure. The single chamber sandblasting tank is intermittent operation, and the two chamber sandblasting tank can be operated continuously.

High pressure sandblasting tube sand spray can make the cleaning surface obtain the required cleanliness and surface roughness, improve the adhesion of the coating on the basic surface, two kinds of good effects can not be well attached to the surface of the workpiece without surface treatment for a long time. The role of surface pretreatment is to clean the surface and generate the roughness needed to "lock" the coating on the surface.

Environmental protection characteristics of high pressure sandblasting pipe:

1., it greatly improves the dust pollution to the environment and the harm to workers' health.

2., it can be directly installed on the production line, saving production area and enabling turnover of work pieces.

3., flexible working process and variable process parameters, which can meet the requirements of different materials and different precision parts.

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