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Folding Portable Waterjet And Folding Waterjet
Jun 28, 2018

Folding portable waterjet

Traditiona waterjet equipment volume is big, the weight is big, it is very difficult to achieve fast moving in order to adapt to different environment, the researchers developed a portable water cutting series, is realized by two cooperation can quickly transfer the workplace, and can fast implementation of cutting of the portable water cutting, such as can be loaded in the ambulance, applied to the first aid, instead of ordinary flame cutting tools, such as can implement no heat, no danger of accident vehicle rescue.

Folding waterjet

As is known to all, as a super-high pressure  waterjet work in the past, it cannot be applied to the dangerous industry. When the water pressure is too high, its threshold value is 237.6mp water pressure.The safety water knife developed by experts of water jet emerged at the historic moment, and the working pressure was only 25-50mp.It can be applied to many new fields.For example, the public security hazards of eod with processing and fire wall, there are suitable for use in coal mine safety water cutting equipment, chemical special explosion-proof safety water cutting equipment, oil system with oil pipeline safety water cutting equipment.The development of water knife cutting is greatly promoted.

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