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Introducing The Ruby Waterjet Orifice Line From WHP Miaoke
Jun 20, 2018

Want to reduce waterjet downtime and maximize your cutting speed and efficiency? water jet orifices from WHP miaoke deliver 50% longer life than traditional ruby orifices and provide a cleaner, more consistent cut.

There’s more good news: Ultra orifices provide significantly more value than standard ruby orifices. The more you cut, the faster your savings will add up!

You can see the difference. In side-by-side comparison of 50,000 psi (0.010" orifice) waterjet streams, the new Ultra Orifice shows significantly better definition, which translates to improved quality and faster cutting speeds. we also manufacture the water jet nozzles, we importe materials from USA, and we also have China materials , pls check the water jet nozzlestubes.

Shanghai Miaoke is a manufacture of waterjet parts in China, it has the best quality and nice price, we accept sample orders if you want to try, we will give you the best service in 24 hours each day.

Please look our hot sale product water jet mixing tubes as below.

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