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Proper Use Of Ruby Nozzles For Longer Machine Life
Apr 08, 2018

The ruby nozzle is widely used in the high pressure cleaning industry, printing ink jet industry and so on. The ruby nozzle is different from the general nozzle in the design and manufacture and the material selection. Compared to the former, the former is much better in performance, and the price is also a little more expensive, but the vulgar is more popular. It's very reasonable to say "one price, one share".

The price of the ruby nozzle is more expensive. I think this is a matter of course. Everyone should know that the ruby itself is not a common material. It is second only to the hardest diamond in the world, but as a cleaning accessory and print accessories, it embodies the characteristics of hardness, the nozzle. It is the most vulnerable part of the printing press. It needs very superior material in all aspects as the hardest part of the whole jetting machine. The ruby nozzle is completely consistent with this standard in hardness. It can play a very superior effect, high precision, convenient use, and can be used greatly in the inkjet process. To improve the efficiency of the jet code, and the two dimensional code of the inkjet, the bar code is very clear, the retention time is long, this is the characteristic of the ruby nozzle, even if the price of the equipment parts is expensive, but the ruby nozzle is used for long time, high performance, the efficiency ahead, so high cost performance equipment, making the wrong It's often worth buying.

Although the ruby nozzle has very good hardness, but want to extend the use time of parts and improve the use efficiency of parts, it is necessary to know how to maintain the performance of the product and improve the use efficiency of the product in the process of using the nozzle. Let's let Shanghai professional water knife accessories manufacturer tell you how to maintain and clean it. Ruby nozzle?

First, the ruby nozzles must be installed correctly and correctly before they are used, and they should match 100% with the inkjet printer.

Second: pay attention to the amount of ink contained in the printer, if too much, it will not only affect the effect of the jet code, but also damage the performance of the ruby nozzle.

The above is about the ruby nozzle in the process of use, the need to pay attention to, only a good protection of the nozzle, can the better use of product equipment, can maximize the function of the ruby nozzle, to create value for the enterprise, this is the most important.

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