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Sand - Free Waterjet USES Pure Water Nozzle To Cut Directly
Jul 27, 2018

Sand - free waterjet USES pure water nozzle to cut directly. The pure water nozzle body also plays an important role in this system.Sand - free waterjet has been used for cutting corrugated paper board.A large number of users have used sand free water knives to cut paper diapers, thin cotton paper, and automotive upholstery.When cutting thin cotton paper or paper diapers, a small amount of water vapor produced by the operation of non-abrasive water knives is much less than that caused by human contact or breathing.The unexpected downtime caused by the general non-water knife cutting process has caused a lot of economic losses to the diaper or tissue paper producers.And the water knife equipment can provide the above industrial application day, week, year safe use, maintenance operation can be arranged in the production.

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