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Waterjet Quently Leaks!The O-Ring Is Always Not Durable. What's The Reason?
Jul 03, 2018

Quality of O-Ring itself.

Work under high pressure high temperature environment, if the O-Ring of the raw materials do not have high pressure, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and so on these features, then surely this so-called O-Ring is not qualified.

Quality of H-P Plunger.

For the quality of the H-P Plunger, the first thing you will think about is the smoothness, because the H-P Plunger needs to move back under close contact with the O-Ring .At present, no matter which kind of material fired into the H-P Plunge, through finishing can achieve a satisfactory degree of smooth.So, smoothness is not a measure of quality.In fact, stability is the criterion that differentiates quality from quality.Because ordinary H-P Plunge can easily become "osteoporosis" after being used in high temperature and high pressure water environment for a period of time, similar to cavities.The original smooth surface began to get rough.And the H-P Plunger material with better quality can maintain the original smooth degree in the same environment.

Other factors.There are many other factors that can also lead to poor durability of O-Ring, such as excessive impurities in water, insufficient concentricity between waterjet nozzle and red orifice, improper installation, etc., which are not explained here.

In a word, choose the waterjet parts with high quality and low price, maintain waterjet regularly at the same time, such ability makes your waterjet use more comfortable, more secure.


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