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Waterjet Spelling A Flower
Jul 25, 2018

Is well known that water jet cutting can be used to cut any material at any curve once (except water cutting, other cutting methods will be limited by material types).


The main features of water jet cutting are as follows:

 1. No heat and harmful substances are produced during       cutting, and the material has no thermal effect (cold     cutting).

 2. No need or easy to reprocess after cutting;

 3. Safe, environment-friendly, low cost, fast speed and high efficiency, which can realize the cutting and processing of any curve;

4. Convenient, flexible and widely used.

Water cutting is the most suitable cutting technology


Stone waterjet spray flowers

At present, the most common water knife scrabble on the market is stone water knife scrabble.At present, stone Mosaic is mainly used in star hotels, shopping centers, villas, family decoration living rooms, restaurants, porches and so on 


Folding me spatulatalThe metal used for water knife is mainly stainless steel and copper. Due to its high price and monotonous color, it is mainly used to make some company or hotel signs at present. 

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