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Waterjet Use Skills
Aug 13, 2018

1.After normal start up, press the high-pressure water button again and the device stops reversing to show the maximum pressure.If the oil pressure gauge can rise to the actual pressure, it can be judged whether the check vlve body is normal.

2.When the device is normally open but not inverted, we can remove the two electrical plugs on the reversing valve and manually cover the insert poppet on both ends of the reversing valve with a rubber cover.

3.When the intensifier is first opened after maintenance, the pressure should be reduced to protect the equipment before slowly rising to the working pressure.

4.When the intenslifier is equipped with sealing ring, it should be lubricated during installation.

5.All joint threads on the supercharger should be coated with blue oil to prevent thread bite.

6.Do not tighten the thread tightly when installing the orifice and nozzle.Prevent broken gems from damaging or cracking the sand tube.

7.The 14th.It is recommended to use loose thread every 2-3 weeks at the joint of high pressure cylinder and low pressure cylinder head to prevent the connection between high pressure cylinder and low pressure cylinder head.

8.Please check whether the relevant water, electricity and gas are in place before starting up.

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