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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Ruby High Pressure Nozzle?
Apr 08, 2018

High-pressure water jet cutting machine accessories, is the most important part of the high pressure nozzle belongs to. This part of the material selection affects the cutting ability of high-pressure water jet cutting machine. In order to achieve the best cutting ability of cutting machine, ruby nozzle is usually chosen. What's the advantage of using this kind of sprinkler? In addition to achieving the best cutting effect, there are others.

Ruby nozzle has high hardness and high pressure cutting ability, so it will be used in high-pressure water jet cutting machine. We all know that rubies are very hard, second only to the world's hardest diamond. But the price of diamond is higher than that of ruby, so the selection of nozzle materials is much more than that of ruby. Because of the high hardness of the ruby, the high pressure water knife used for the high pressure nozzle of the ruby is cut. Besides the diamond, all the materials can be cut.

Attention should be paid to the use of ruby high-pressure nozzle, because of its high hardness, and its sharpness will be improved when cutting, so that a complete cut can be obtained. The longer the use of the goods is, the better. The service life of the ruby high-pressure nozzle is longer than that of the general sprinkler. This is because the ruby sprinkler has good wear resistance. It will not cause damage due to the friction between cutting and rubbing.

No matter in what bad environment the use of high pressure water cutter cutting machine, as long as it has a ruby high pressure nozzle nozzle such a fitting, can adapt. High pressure water jet cutter is always dealing with water. Metal nozzle is easy to rust, and Ruby nozzle is not only rusty, but also anti abrasion.

In addition, high-pressure water jet cutting machine is the use of force to generate high-pressure water, which plays the role of cutting. In such a high-pressure flow of extrusion, ordinary nozzles are not always able to bear. The ruby high-pressure nozzle nozzle is different, it is to withstand high-pressure water flow arises at the historic moment.

The high pressure nozzle nozzle has a lot of advantages in the use of the high pressure water cutter cutting machine. However, it is not only a lot of advantages in the high pressure water cutter cutting machine, but also can reflect these advantages in other applications. Such as the use of inkjet printer, it is the need for its high hardness and high pressure, so as to improve the spurting code quality of inkjet printer.

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