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What Are The Different Types Of Sprinkler Heads?What Are The Advantages Of Each 2
Aug 24, 2018

1、Stainless steel Nozzle

Stainless steel Nozzle is to point to do not rust acid-resisting steel, it can withstand the corrosive action of air water, acid material to it, accordingly name.Stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance, which is why it is used in Nozzle.Stainless steel or with the polishing performance, this can guarantee that when making stainless steel Nozzle, can be better on the second processing and polishing of the material, so as to make the components that meet the size of the Nozzle.In addition, the heat resistance of stainless steel is high, can endure the high temperature around 9 baidu without deformation

2、Gemstone Nozzle

The essence of a gemstone is mineral or rock, both natural and post-synthetic.The common gemstone sprayer produced by gem Nozzle manufacturers is basically made of synthetic Nozzle or ruby.According to some properties of gemstones, gemstones are monocrystals, with relatively single chemical composition, solid internal molecular structure, and a small range of densities due to changes in the external environment. This means that the moisturizer has a high hardness.As a result, the nozzles made with it have a high price of hardness, more solid.In addition, gemstones have good thermal conductivity, so there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of heating and damaging components under high strength operation when using gem Nozzle.

3、Brass Nozzle

The essence of brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which shows different properties depending on the proportion of the mixture.Brass with less zinc content has good plasticity and is suitable for cold and hot processing.When the new content of mitigation is high, it is more suitable for thermal pressure machining.The characteristic of brass Nozzle is that the material can be modulated according to different needs

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