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What Is The Maintenance Method Of The Ruby Nozzle?
Apr 08, 2018

1. Soak the cloth with steamed water.

2, gently use wet cloth to clean (do not wipe) nozzle at the bottom of the sprinkler 3 to 5 times. Repeat the process for all the nozzles to be cleaned. Each nozzle should use the clean area of the cloth to avoid the color mixing of the sprinkler. Test the nozzle to see if the nozzle is blocked. If there is still a blockage, the distilled water can be slightly heated and put in a small amount of plate. When the sprinkler is placed on the plate, the water should not leak to the back of the chip, so the water surface should not be higher than the bottom 2CM. ) stand the nozzle straight in the warm water. Wait 30 seconds, dry the sprinkler and then test it. Every sprinkler should be cleaned with water. In addition, an ultrasonic cleaner can also be used to clean sprinklers. To clean the chips, alcohol and cotton swab or no wool scrubbing cloth are needed.

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