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What Issues Should Be Noticed During The Installation Of The Water Jet Mixing Tube?
Apr 08, 2018

Water cutter cutting machine can be said to be a very important equipment in industrial production. As the main part of the cutting machine, the mixed sand pipe not only has its own function, but also needs the correct operation and installation techniques to make full use of the efficiency. To this end, the water cutter cutting machine accessories installation this problem, has always been a lot of business owners want to understand, the following small editor for the industry professionals for us to do a simple explanation.

If we want to make the sand mixing pipe function properly, then we should strictly follow the procedures and the correct operation steps.

First, the operator in the installation, first of all, should ensure that the sand pipe jacket and the related gems nozzle seat clean working face clean without dust and other dirt, debris and so on.

Second, after making the above steps again, we first install the jewel nozzle according to the correct installation technique, and then do the straight line test of the relevant water column.

Third, after testing the relevant water column straight, then install the sand mixing pipe according to the correct installation procedure.

Fourth, after the device has finished mixing sand pipe, it will be debugged with mortgage free sand water. All the time, the water column is straight, and there is no scattering. Only in this way can we prove that it can be cut normally when pressed or added to sand.

Fifth, when the sand mixing pipe is used for a certain time, the staff should rotate the sand pipe for 120 degrees. This can greatly help extend the use time of the sand mixing pipe.

The above steps is the waterjet cutting machine fittings installation process, the problem worthy of attention. We remind you that if you want to buy water jet cutting machine parts, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers. This can not only avoid the purchase of inferior goods, so that the production efficiency is hindered, further lead to the damage to the interests of the enterprise, but also in the process of use, to get more help, have more perfect after-sales service.

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