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WHP Abrasive Waterjet (WHP) Nozzles Are Made From Unique
Jun 20, 2018

WHP abrasive waterjet (WHP) nozzles are made from unique, patented materials that are changing the definition of wear resistance.

WHP composite carbide is a tungsten carbide-based material made by the patented Rapid Omnidirectional Compaction (WHP) process that only Kennametal is licensed to use for these products.

The biggest factor in nozzle wear resistance is the material from which they are made. WHP nozzles are made from a unique material system made possible by a unique processing technique.

The WHP process enables these advanced ceramic materials to be combined without using a soft metal binder. Tungsten carbide/cobalt that uses traditional sintering technology needs a soft metal binder.

In the WHP process, WHP nozzles are formed using very short consolidation cycles. This minimize the natural tendency of ceramic particles to enlarge when exposed to high heat for long periods. Eliminating a metallic binder and maintaining extra-fine grain size mean better nozzle performance. The result is an extremely durable material that fiercely resists abrasive and erosive wear. 

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