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Waterjet Parts High Pressure Water Seals

Waterjet Parts High Pressure Water Seals

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Product Description

water jet parts hp seal kitWaterjet intensifier pump parts High Pressure Water SealHigh Pressure Seal, 60K2

Product name: high-pressure water seal

Number: # 11467

Application:Water jet cutting intensifier parts



Capacity:50K/per month

The material is made of high rubber (NRB and other special packing materials). The sealing parts are the mechanism to prevent working medium leakage (internal leakage and external leakage) and to prevent foreign impurity such as air, dust and water from entering hydraulic components and hydraulic system.

It is made by foreign excellent technology of axial lip sealing ring, which can be directly installed on the shaft to cooperate with contact surface, cavity, sealing package and other surfaces.High-pressure water seal on the ontology of shaft neck hold tension makes its fixed on the axis of rotation axis neck, at the same time how to use its lips curved around the performance of sealing in the composition of the pressing force of sealing deputy, so as to prevent water and impurities in the process of equipment running into the rotating lubrication sealing body, to protect the normal work of the rotation axis lubrication sealing device requirements.

Product features: long wear resistance life, applicable to all kinds of harsh and high-pressure working environment.The product has a smooth finish with high roundness and good roundness, which ensures its durability and reduces maintenance frequency and costs.The life span is higher than the domestic public similar product.


1. Beautiful appearance

2. Professional technology, preferential price, durable quality and win-win attitude

3. Unparalleled performance and reliability

4.Quality assurance, guaranteed to use for one year, if the year is broken, free replacement

Quality Assurance

1. Strict control on choose of the raw material sources.

2. Speciific technology guide for the production of each product.

3. Completed quality testing system for the semi-finished products and finised products.

4.Strict storage conditions to ensure product quality.

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2.After-sales Service
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