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Waterjet Cutting Head Assembly

Waterjet Cutting Head Assembly

High Quality Waterjet Cutting Parts Cutting Head Assembly For Flow Waterjet Parts Material: High quality 17-4 material,with this case,your machine can cutanything.
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Product Description

Product name: waterjet cutting head assembly

Number: # 12893

Material: High quality 17-4 Stainless steel

Standard:for waterjet cutting head


Product Introduction: High Quality Waterjet Cutting Parts Cutting Head Assembly For Flow Waterjet Parts

The waterjet cutting head is divided into three axes and four axes waterjet cutting head, a rotary cutting head inserted into the hole of the head clamp. The cutting head includes a head body with front and back two opposite ends, a hard Mosaic head mounted on the front end of the head body, and an expanded middle part with a rear facing shoulder.The cutting head also has a handle that extends backwards and has a reduced diameter section.The cutting head is attached to the shank - a rotatable sleeve that encircles the shank between the shoulder and the reduced diameter part.

A can be inserted in the clamping hole of the cutting tools of rotary cutting tool bit, the rotary cutting tool bit is: a body of the cutting tools, it has before and after two opposed side, a hard set head mounted on a whole side of the cutting tools, and one is located in the head before body, the middle of the backend diameter expanding parts, said diameter expanding parts forming a backward-facing shoulder up the shaft, the body has a along the axial position of the cutting tools after the shoulder handle, the handle of the near the body after the end of the cutting tools have a narrow diameter part;A rotatable sleeve attached to the stem said to enclose the stem between the shoulder and the reduced diameter part;A rotatable gasket attached to the stem adjacent to the shoulder of the head body and a holding ring bolted to the reduced diameter portion of the stem.

The utility model relates to a set of cutter head positioning device, especially in the water cutting machine for cutting head positioning device when the phone is switched on it include vertical lifting mechanism, the frame body, the cutter head assembly and beam skateboards, device for oneself by on, vertical lifting mechanism on one side of the connecting beam board, through the frame body connection at the bottom of the cutter head assembly section, located on the device at the bottom of the cutting tools, its characteristic is that it also includes a positioning mechanism, this mechanism, switches, including positioning cylinder piston rod and positioning, positioning cylinder fixed on the frame body side, with a switch can be triggered the piston rod, cylinder positioning the bottom of the upper connecting rod, andThe lower end of the piston rod is connected to the locating ring.In order to solve the positioning problem of the starting cutting head of the water cutting machine, the starting positioning device of the water cutting force head of the utility model ensures the working position of automatic lifting setting of the cutting head every time the starting cutting head is set through mechanical device, which is simple in structure and high in precision, and ensures the process effect without manual adjustment, saves manpower and improves efficiency.

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4.Strict storage conditions to ensure product quality.

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