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Waterjet Extension Tube

Waterjet Spare Parts Water Speed Jet Cutting Parts Waterjet Extension Tube For Waterjet Machine Parts.Shanghai Miaoke is a professional manufacturer of connecting rod fittings. It adopts high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure that the manufactured parts can meet the needs of the equipment, and at the same time meet the needs of the work.
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Product Description

Product Name: Waterjet Extension Tube

Number: #11358-4


Standard: For waterjet cutting head

Product Introduction: waterjet spare parts water speed jet cutting parts waterjet extension tube for waterjet machine parts

Material:High quality material:Stainless steel,wear-resistant high-hard material


1. Strong wear resistance:it is very wear resistant and uses high quality materials.

2.highly deformable:a flexible shaft and a spiral rod cover made of wear-resistant high-hard material to form a connecting rod that can be bent very much, thus ensuring a long service life. 

3. small size:The volume of the connecting rod is not very large, because it is mainly designed according to the requirements of the equipment, so the connecting rod does not require a large volume.


1. high quality: The use of high-quality materials, in the work to ensure that the equipment will not be severely worn, has a strong wear resistance.

2. long life: It uses high quality materials and is very resistant to wear, so it has a long life.

3. Professional technology,preferntial price,durable quality and win-win attitude

waterjet cutting parts extension tubeWater jet spare parts cutting head extension tube

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