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Road cleaning nozzle

Road cleaning nozzle

WHP waterjet parts Abrasive inlet for waterjet equipment.And our company have all the kinds of the product specifications and models
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product details

Product attributes

1. Brand Name:WHP
2. Size: all size
3. Suitable: for road cleaning 

4.High specification: customized, customized, to map processing

5.Color: stainless steel polishing

6.Product name:Road cleaning nozzle

Road cleaning nozzle

Product introduction

Nano-tungsten steel material is used for manufacturing, integrated water inlet and outlet structure. The inner surface of high-pressure water outlet hole is specially treated, finely processed, slowly wire-walking, smooth as a mirror, which greatly improves the anti-fatigue degree and can easily be qualified for the working environment of 380Mpa for a long time

Product superiority

1. Wear resistance, long life, can adapt to all kinds of harsh working environment.

2. The inner surface of the product is smooth with high finish.

3. It is made of high wear-resisting metal to ensure its durability.

4. The surface finish is higher than that of similar domestic mass products.

Road cleaning nozzle

The cleaning incidence Angle of the ideal position of nozzle installation is a relatively independent parameter, which is determined by the material of the cleaning object and does not affect the selection of other parameters.For rust removal, a larger incidence Angle should be used to increase the shear force to facilitate rust removal.Usually 75 to 83 degrees.It works best.

Our company
our company

We have professional engineers to design products and strictly control the production process.We are widely engaged in various brands of water knife accessories, for example FLOW,DARDI ,KMT,OMAX and so on .

Miaoke precision machinery group have strong technology power, with many professional technology and practical application engineering and technical personnel, can provide customers with customized services and industry solutions.

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